Changing water filter

CARTRIDGE CHANGE   Strategies for cartridge change:   1) Close water close off valve.   2) Depress weight help catch (If prepared) for three seconds or open the closest cool water spigot to expel weight.   3) Place a basin or container specifically underneath the channel.   4) Remove tank (Using Omni channel tank wrench) … Read more


Tree House Resort Jaipur

Tree House Cottages and resort are the only natural weekend destinations set on lively trees. You will feel as if you are resting in the lap of nature. These are such mesmerizing and ideal destination for any nature lover that they love to explore on. This acclaimed resort is located amidst hills, streams and forests, … Read more

Hot Water System

Which is the best suited for me? This is the usual question we ask ourselves before buying and installing a Hot Water System (HWS). They have electric or gas and solar or heat pumps type. When we decide we look for the best quality and the best heating method. We also look for the cheapest … Read more