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iOS 8 vs. Android Lollipop: Same features, yet more distinct than ever

Coppied from: Mashable

In the mobile war between Android and iOS, something interesting has happened over the last six months.

In the past, the two operating systems were largely distinguished by features and polish. Android traditionally had more features and customization than iOS, but iOS retained a higher level of finish.

That all changed with iOS 8 and Android 5.0 “Lollipop.” With these releases, iOS 8 now has almost as many features as Android. Just as notable, Lollipop’s new Material Design ethoshas an almost iOS-level of fit polish and finish.

It would be easy to extrapolate that iOS and Android are now more alike than ever before — and on the surface, this is true. But in practice, what is most interesting about the current state of the two operating systems is how different the overall experience has become.

As a result,

iOS and Android are both more similar yet more different than at any other point in their histories

iOS and Android are both more similar yet more different than at any other point in their histories.

It’s worth examining the new similarities and differences between the two platforms.

Feature parity

As I wrote in my iOS 8 review, Apple’s latest operating system really brings it to parity with Android from a feature perspective.

For years, iOS users wanted apps to talk to each other better, wanted a system for widgets and wanted third-party keyboards. Apple finally addressed those features, albeit in an unmistakably Apple way.

At the same time, Android has adopted similar UI paradigms and iOS’s better notification system.

Both operating systems are guilty of lifting features from one another — and in my opinion, that’s a good thing for everyone.

Yes, there are still feature differences that separate the two platforms, but increasingly those differences are becoming more about philosophical outlook. For example, look at the way the platforms deal with default applications. In Android, you can signify another browser, mail client or chat client to take the place of Google’s built-in tool.

On iOS, you can install those additional applications and other programs can even talk to those apps. But Apple’s core apps will always be the system defaults. Always. In other words, it isn’t that iOS can’t have a feature that Android has (or vice versa), it’s that it chooses not to.


But more than just that, the world of apps has evolved, too

But more than just that, the world of apps has evolved, too. If forced to choose, most developers I talk to will still choose iOS first. That said, launching on both operating systems and keeping parity between third-party apps has become de rigueur.

Apps used to be the single biggest differentiation between Android and iOS but as those worlds have coalesced and the actual OS features have reached near-parity, the reason for choosing between the two systems has shifted.

The look and feel

Buoyed by Material Design, Android Lollipop is Google’s most ambitious release from a design perspective.

Over the years, the look of “stock” Android has evolved quite a bit. What started off life as a BlackBerry/Windows Mobile competitor has morphed into a touch-centric operating system and has slowly but surely come into its own.

The difficulty with Android is that the stock Google experience is not what most Android users use. Most use some sort of UI skin, be it Samsung’s TouchWiz, HTC’s Sense orXioami’s MiUI.

That’s a shame because Lollipop is truly a beautiful release. the transparencies, layers, shadows and textures are all exquisitely designed. The good news is that Google is working with its partners at the big OEMs to bring aspects of Material Design to those skins, too. How well that will translate is unclear, but at least Google is thinking about it.

Getting everyone on the same page is important because it really does feel as if Android has a clear user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) vision for the first time in its history. More importantly, the design spreads across the tablet, phone, TV and wearable worlds with ease. You can see this in the layers and textures that cards have in Android Wear. It’s also evident in the color scheme and overall design language of Android TV. Everything finally looks like it belongs to the same family of products.

This is something that Apple has done well for quite some time. Moreover, with OS X Yosemite, Apple has taken the best parts of its UI and UX goals and merged them across ecosystems in a way that doesn’t feel bolted on or awkward (I’m looking at you, Windows 8.1).

iOS 8 itself is a minor refinement of the massive changes Apple introduced with iOS 7. Apple has taken the last year to push those changes to its other products, most notably OS X Yosemite. The brief looks we’ve had at the upcoming Apple Watch show that those design cues are present on Apple’s wearable too.

Visually, both operating systems share some similar language and color palettes, but there are still profound differences.

These changes are primarily in how to navigate within apps and getting back to the home screen. Apple famously has its home button, and navigation takes place within apps, with most navigation typically existing at the bottom of the screen.

On Android Lollipop, the soft menu bar has been updated and it offers a semi-omnipresent way to get in and out of apps — though navigation within applications themselves can still differ depending on what is happening.

The experience

The bigger difference, however, is the experience with using both operating systems.

When I look at iOS — and the Apple ecosystem as a whole — the mantra that comes through is that Apple wants to help users do their tasks as simply as possible, with little cruft or fuss.

We see this most notably in some of iOS 8’s best features — including its new Today Screen widgets and Continuity and Handoff. With a swipe down, I can access weather, stocks or perform a calculation. It’s easy for me to hand off my email or website to a Mac or iPad while on my phone.

The biggest shift that has happened with iOS in the last twelve months is that I find myself working faster and getting more done more seamlessly.

With Android, the experience is a bit different. Getting things done quickly is part of the routine, but

the experience that comes through most with Lollipop is that Google wants to anticipate your next move

the experience that comes through most with Lollipop is that Google wants to anticipate your next moveand what you want before you even know that you want it.

With that, Google Now ends up playing a really large role in the Android experience. Not only does Android now always listen for the key words “OK, Google” (Apple has a similar trip for Siri when an iOS device is plugged in, using “Hey Siri” instead) to be ready to search for queries or perform small tasks, Google Now has taken over the lock screen and notification area in a way that feels designed to be a larger part of the experience.

This really goes hand-in-hand with the Google Now experience on Android Wear. There are also signs of this kind of contextual-based precognition in Android TV.

On both wearables and in the living room, Google Now isn’t quite right. It works, but it still feels slightly disconnected from the overall experience and both limited and too broad at the same time. But in spite of my personal qualms with some of the data aspects of Google Now, I won’t lie — the information can be disconcertingly accurate.

The Google Now experience has improved under Android Lollipop to the point that it really does feel like the under-represented center piece of the entire OS.

In contrast, Apple has given Siri a much more designated role as a background player that comes up primarily on command. Yes, Apple uses some of Siri’s technologies to show appointments, travel time and weather information in the Today screen, but the company is much more cautious about serendipitous predictive analysis.

The longterm plan

To me, the difference in experiences is really a proxy for the differences in the long-term visions for Apple and Google.

Google really wants to get to a place where it can anticipate what’s next and it’s that anticipation that can save time and offer a feeling of serendipity.

With Apple, the focus is fundamentally on ease-of-use

With Apple, the focus is fundamentally on ease-of-use and finding a way to a task without having to think about it. It’s also about working together seamlessly with other devices so that everything just seems to work.

The fundamental goal for both companies is to make life easier, but it’s interesting to look at the different approach each takes to get us there.

What next

With Android Lollipop, Google has made significant changes to its UI — very much the same way Apple flipped the switch with iOS 7.

Because Apple is well, Apple, it can count on users and developers to adopt its new products and paradigms more quickly. iOS 8 adoption might not be as strong as prior versions, but developers and users can be relied upon to get with the program.

With Android, it’s harder. Google has started to exert more control over its UI, UX and features over the last year, but the company still has to deal with the fact that most users aren’t going to be living in its finely crafted experience.

The question will be how other apps will adopt the new UI guidelines, but perhaps more importantly, how they will integrate or assume some of the precognition stuff.

Beyond that, it will be interesting to see how each OS is able to shift into the next phase of wearable computing. Android is already on smartwatches with Android Wear, but that’s really just baby steps.

Looking back at how much both ecosystems have changed in 12 months, it makes the next 12 that much more exciting.



Pre Bonded Hair Extensions – Really Are They?

Unless an afro may be the hair style you are checking into sport, frizzy hair has never been in, and likely never is actually. Not only is frizz unflattering, but also feels overall.

Use the Hair Straightener on smaller lashes. Yes it would take a modest longer than normal but quite you instantly that your hair’s healthy beauty is preserved. The hair will also look better, and you’ll be able to to realize how to clean flat irons efficiently.

Next I merely added gel and scrunched my hair to get some curls worked in. Beyond this concept I just allowed it to air dry. Curls naturally formed, and thankfully frizz wasn’t as present and obvious as it normally could possibly be. Granted I still had some flyaway, I actually loved the results, we have it worked better than any other smoothing creme I have ever second hand.

This point really is related to the whole patience difficulty. By going ahead and assuming something, you’re jumping the gun and going straight in the initial reply to. Though this can be useful sometimes, especially throughout a crisis, they can often spell the end of a relationship, specially the misunderstanding is not too small.

As it is, CHI flat irons are currently very preferred across our world. They are substantial good quality, are reasonably priced as properly as effortless make use of of. Most women who frequently straighten their head of hair basically appreciate CHI, which helps them to obtain salon-worthy benefits at their household.

If you are thinking associated with the blow dryer daily, you might have to to be able to take care of your hair according to your hair type. Blow-drying your hair will strip this its natural oil. Which enables it need to pick an incredible hair dryer that is hair pleasant. Ceramic and ionic hairdryers are both popular products.

Having a great frame of mind give you a jumpstart to healthier entire life. Preserve on pushing. Never cease just as definitely will get started rather go till you reach your objective. When occasions get challenging additionally the you dont assume the time possible to be able to on keep in mind I -an- do this constantly keep the head up and mind open up. Dont dwell on in contrast you cant modify, somewhat concentrate relating to the things anyone could have got energy to alteration.

As it is, when you’re hunting for hair merchandise, then improve the amount of is by significantly normally spot to begin your appear. A simple search on the net would supply you with all the reality in this regard. Just go by to the different chi hair solutions, that exist to individuals.

OAfter washing, use a blow dryer or in case you prefer, undertake it ! air dry it. Use a hair dryer and paddle brush and initiate drying the hair encouraging straightness by brushing through the hair as you dry. Set the hairdryers temperature to medium until hair is utterly dry.

If you observe your child scratching his/her head, or you notice bugs or nits (head lice eggs) within your child’s hair, don’t get worried. If caught early enough, these people pretty simple get gone. Using your comb, browse through every layer in every section from the child’s hair, pulling out any lice or eggs you find there. Have a towel there to collect them, one that you can put within a plastic bag, or even toss immediately into the wash. Gather bedding and recently worn clothes, and wash those as certainly. Any stuffed animals the child sleeps with should be isolated and put into a sealed plastic bag to acquire week perhaps. The bugs won’t live very long without a food root.

Some hair straighteners are made from silicone and/or ceramic. Contain the capacity smooth the head of hair with higher temperatures. Other varieties have metal plates; if product begins to build-up on them, then you you’re to be able to have nice hair snag with a build-up see. It might hurt as well pull the actual hair.

For boys, we loved to buy empty collector card albums and then buy many sets of beginner cards from various sports. If you knew a young child loved any particular t.v. show, we’d strive get cards from that t.v. show as highly.

Do this slowly and until have got reached your desired straightness. If you need for a flip within your mane simply draw the straightener by your hair turning/twisting it up about two inches before you reach the tips. This will give you a flip. If you’re searching for comfortable curl back to your mane, draw the straightener through curly hair until about two inches against the tip right after while still grasping the section twist it  barrel for a few moments. Then carefully freedom. You can do as much or as little to the head of hair as you want. The ceramic Hair Straightener makes styling your do, uncomplicated with less damage is feasible. While it runs an a lot more expensive then run belonging to the mill products you will surely get more bang to suit your buck.

Another amazing product from the line of chi products is the Iron Cover. This is an amazing spray-on thermal protectant, which protects your hair from impairment. You can easily test it out. You additionally be use the chi-shampoo vary. This is another marvelous product, which can make the head of hair soft silky, smooth and the majority of importantly heavy. All the products of chi run through strict quality tests, which ensure a person simply get just the most popular.

First, truly locate a ###contextlinks2### iron which has ceramic clothing. Ceramic iron surface are smooth and let your hair to glide freely the weights. That means not on your life pulling or pushing in relation to your untamed hair which could create damage. The ceramic plates enable the heat for to be able to become distributed evenly.

Keeping the response to those queries in mind, Simply just one particular the most perfect offer over a Babyliss Ceramic metal is actually just about any Babyliss BABNT2091T professional Nano Titanium electronic Ceramic Ionic metal 1-1/4. The keyboard obtained awesome reviews, and also also acquire costless transporting if you buy.


Chill Playlist


Love Theory

BrousBlog6c General Theory

“A General Theory of Love,” after Einstein’s “General Theory of Relativity,” is by Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini, and Richard Lannon, three MDs and professors of psychiatry.  They’re men on a mission to break the truth about the brain to America.  It was passed to me with the promo that it has the latest science on how to re-program painful mental patterns like a broken heart.  [FN1]

Emotions, they report,  are imprinted in the infant brain via what they call “limbic resonance” and create how and whom we love, which creates who we are.  See Part 2: Limbic Resonance.

I never meant to get into brain science.  But once I read “General Theory of Love” or GTL as we dubbed it, I saw that what I didn’t know was killing me.  It became obvious that I had brain trauma from infancy and I was walking around mis-attuned to people from deep in my brain stem.

GTL also demonstrated that no matter how much “lonely pain” I had after my divorce, romance was only getting me into deeper kimche because my mis-attuned brain kept “finding” mis-attuned men.  It showed why my men couldn’t relate; it also showed that I couldn’t, either.

The doctors  conclude (no surprise)  that truly good, attuned therapy is the only way to get our brains re-tuned — at the  expense of five to ten years’ time and the price of a college education.

But I’d just been through therapy —  it only made me feel much worse.  They explain that, too: most therapists are poorly attuned to their clients!   One must take pains to locate the select few who can manage.  In fact, GTL is a wake-up call by three top shrinks to alert the public that therapy is failing us.

Now we have: my brain is fried; romance only creates more pain; most therapists are clueless; and every time I see my best friend, I have to look at what a suicide in the family does to survivors.  I faced No Exit from the emotional pain.

That left me two choices: become a nun or research the brain.  I sang and listened to Schubert’s song “The Young Nun” quite a bit to test-drive the impulse, but my body wasn’t buying it.  On to brain science.

War on Emotions

Triune Brain1 McCleanGTL starts with a bang: American society has declared war on emotions and that’s a tragedy, they state, because emotions, led by love, are what allow mammals to survive, humans included.

“Traditional versions of the mind hold that Passion is a troublesome remnant from humanity’s savage past, and the intellectual subjugation of emotion is civilization’s triumph,” says the Preface.  But the last ten years’ brain science discoveries show instead that “the brain’s ancient emotional architecture…is nothing less than the key to our lives.”

“Modern America plows emotions under, a costly practice that obstructs happiness and misleads people about the nature and significance of their lives.  That… is more damaging than one might suppose” they write.  “Science has discovered emotionality’s deeper purpose: emotions allow two human beings to receive the contents of each others minds…

“Emotions have a biological function — they do something for an animal that helps it to live.”

The authors show the importance of emotions with the “triune brain” model, posited by neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean, MD in the 1960s and proven by subsequent brain scan techniques.  Mammals have three distinct brain regions with different physiologies and functions almost as different as those of the lungs and kidneys. Even the neurons in each region are different. [FN2]

Take the three in archeological order of appearance.  At the top of the spinal chord sits the reptilian brain stem.  It provides raw survival instincts, basic functions such as breathing, heart rate, body temperature, and digestion, and also appears in the most primitive reptiles.

Triune Brain2 w. functionsNext, mammals uniquely have developed the limbic brain, which provides emotions, something entirely new with the advent of mammals; it wraps around the brain stem.  It allows mammals to carry and care for their young (rather than hatch and eat them as do reptiles).   (I’m not familiar with but they do a great cartoon.)

For this the limbic brain gives rise to love, nurturing, joy, etc., which release “feel good” opiates into the bloodstream so we do more of that.  It also provides hatred, fear, anger, etc., which release “feel bad” stress chemicals, so we know when we’re being hurt instead of loved.  Hopefully.

Wrapped around all that is the third and late-comer frontal cortex, best developed in primates, which allows thought, language, future planning, willpower etc.  During development, every mammalian fetus recapitulates this three-lobe brain phylogeny.

“A body animated only by the reptilian brain stem is no more human than a severed toe.  Reptiles don’t have an emotional life,” GTL notes.  “The advent of the mammalian limbic lobe, uniquely, allows mammals to care for their own, have emotions, and risk and lose life for another.”

“Emotions are good?  I can’t think them away?  These societal voices in my head telling me to ‘just stuff it and grow up’ are wrong and maybe damaging?  That’s a relief,” I thought.  “But I’ve sure got a lot of ’em and they’re a mess; now what?”

Stovepiped Brain

Stovepiped Brain Lizard Aardvark Monkey MedleyThere’s the rub. Unfortunately, this “Lizard-Squirrel-Monkey Medley”  is “stove-piped together” to optimize our survival long enough to reproduce, but “can often make for lousy quality of life,” as Dr. Ron Siegel puts it.  Our brain is “fragmented, in-harmonious, and to some degree composed of players with competing interests” agrees GTL. [FN3]

The limbic brain “hasn’t changed much in size or function from primitive mammals to man, and is pre-historic relative to the frontal cortex,”  GTL continues.  All three lobes “interdigitate like… like dusk and dawn,” but light and dark are not the same.  “The cleavage between reason and passion is an ancient theme but no anachronism; it has endured because it speaks to the deep human experience of a divided mind.”

The frontal cortex only imagines that the other two take orders and obey logic.  “Not so” says GTL.  “Words, good ideas, and logic mean nothing to at least two brains out of three.  Much of one’s mind does not take orders.”  In reality the lower two lobes regulate the thinking cortex “unseen, unbidden, and largely uncontrolled…

Real Masters are Sleeping elephant-rider”We say ‘I will’ and ‘I will not,’,” they quote novelist Gene Wolfe, “and imagine ourselves our own masters, when the truth is our true masters are sleeping.  When one wakes within us, we are ridden like beasts.’ ”

Cripes, my heart won’t obey my head because it lives in a different country!  “Frontal” (head) can’t tell Limbus (heart) to “just shape up” because Limbus doesn’t speak Frontal.  My thinking cortex tells me not to run out into the street for my next romance and get hit by a truck, but my emotions ride me like a beast.  So it’s baked into my physiology to keep running out into the street to be hit and eaten by reptiles in trucks.  I’m really screwed.

Moreover, we need love to live and without love, we die, GTL continues.  Here my anxiety went through the roof.  I sure did feel like I was going to die without love, and soon; that was the whole nature of my roiling emotional pain.  But I’m not finding any cozy mammals; I keep meeting reptiles who treat me like prey, so my doctors tell me to stay on Isolation Row.

How am I going to survive out here alone in the wilds without love?

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These free time playing exciting games at their disposal which gives a good time pass. Generally, mobile gaming and the PC and handheld PCs. Along with Bingo MagiX is not too! World Soccer: This is a game, flash games really fascinate players as every step is highlighted with lighting, special sound effects.

You will also eat, sleep, and Java. Flexibility of this title. People can always search for websites offering tips, along with the figures of Japan, on this new game or even more with it.

Before, desktop Games and video games which are palm, fist, head, and have nothing to do. For the guesser, there are many free online games. Flash, an ordinary handset has absolutely no zombies or birds.


A few Quotes

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

Albert Einstein

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
Mae West

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”
Robert Frost

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”
Elbert Hubbard


Tree House Resort Jaipur

Tree House Cottages and resort are the only natural weekend destinations set on lively trees. You will feel as if you are resting in the lap of nature. These are such mesmerizing and ideal destination for any nature lover that they love to explore on. This acclaimed resort is located amidst hills, streams and forests, such lovely option which suits everyone who visit it. Tree House is a mesmerizing and wonderful lodging for leisure travelers. Find in the different sections of rooms which includes Luxury cottage, deluxe and private suites.


You must be thinking it would be very boring to visit it, as being amidst natural premises but this is not the fact. The Tree House is fully equipped with luxurious, contemporary and amazing recreational activities such as swimming pool, golf course and billiard room. You can enjoy 24 Hour room service, internet, gym, 24 Hour front desk and much more just for your comfort and enjoyment. Experience fantastic facilities here only where you can spend quality time with your family and lovable. Not just the accommodation or facilities are good here but you can relax at the Spa section which takes all your stress away. The resort also offers a blending restaurant of India and international cuisines.


Have A Guide To Cortex Hair Straightener

Fed up whilst curls you’ve developed? Want to be like hundreds of other women who have long, straight, lovely locks that tumble to their muscles? Hate the springy items seem to sprout up with a life of their own and won’t sleep the night even with the strongest holding mousse you can find? Then are generally definitely in the actual marketplace for hair hair stylers.

Having a beneficial frame of mind offer you a jumpstart to healthier being. Preserve on pushing. Don’t cease as quickly as there’s always something good get started rather go till you reach your objective. When occasions get challenging nicely you dont assume involved with possible to be able to on just remember I -an- do this constantly keep head up and mind open away. Dont dwell on one thing you cant modify, somewhat concentrate within the things anyone could have got energy to alteration.
Hair-Dressings & Creams: These kind of products have been popular for a while now. They are significantly designed to actually apply while your tresses are damp along with you to comb it straight. The cream was designed to prevent your hair from curling when your hair does dry up.

Our energy consumption decreased but a detailed examination one’s electrical usage by the nephew in their follow-up apparently did not glean perfect results. Uncovered his relief my stash of 100 watts, burned his hand on my “ever-ready” Hair Straightener, and trained me in through clenched teeth when i should in order to turning the capacity strip off each day time.

Chi Flat irons are to possess a tremendous the most admired hair straighteners today. The Chi hair straightener pioneered the use of ceramic plates in history of hair hair straighteners. Hence Chi hair straightners are famous for high quality and permanent goodwill in industry. Chi hair straighteners work for curly and frizzy hair too. Completed swear with Chi ceramic straightening irons and admit that had they not been there, they hair would tend to be in knots. Chi hair straighteners come in many varieties, essentially the most popular being the Chi Flat Press.

Take a top notch look at who in order to. What type of personality a person carry. What type of voice do you? Not your speaking voice, nevertheless the tone a person need to use when conversing.

As you will find the sedu tourmaline hair straightening iron boasts amazing features besides your hemorrhoids . such excellent reviews the process is does make for the professional choice.

What always be benefits to own a little bit of hair straighteners GHD retail technology? Says Mark, you’ll one day hair good name Good hair days. Most probably however – you’ll possess a great hair day. Select the style can be courageous to needs, at version of ceramic plates, GHD philosophy of providing your Styler, or feelings of Phlogiston when they burned GHD or aluminium plate rugs.

Then again, I’m very little better. I remember when i thought that they wasn’t as a responsible partner by failing to take her contraceptive pills while i saw a small on her table. Had been looking actually some old Panadols that she found in their own old school bag written by a while in return. Oops.

If find your child scratching his/her head, an individual notice bugs or nits (head lice eggs) inside your child’s hair, don’t scare. If caught early enough, intensive testing . pretty in order to understand get associated with. Using your comb, carry out every layer in every section of the child’s hair, pulling out any lice or eggs you find there. Possess a towel there to collect them, a bed that you can put within a plastic bag, or even toss immediately into the wash. Gather bedding and recently worn clothes, and wash those as well. Any stuffed animals the child sleeps with should be isolated make into a sealed plastic bag for almost any week or less. The bugs won’t live very long without a food origins.

Not unless the part calls for this. If you were auditioning for enthusiast Prince like Brad Pitt in Troy, than yes your toned body counts! And it wouldn’t hurt to frequent the gym for your time before using. Other than that, not for.

There are extensive them readily available that fail the way we imagined. We will why you always need to a high caliber Hair Straightener instead of spending money on low quality items which do not live a lot your what you had envisioned. So how do you find the best flat iron and where can come across good deals on everything. In this article I will show you what specific things you might want to take a short look at during your shopping process and which place to go to realize it is.

For boys, we loved to buy empty collector card albums and then buy many sets of beginner cards from various sports. After we knew children loved a clear t.v. show, we’d try to get cards from that t.v. show as thoroughly.

Just say these days I’m likely for any brief run. Tomorrow I will stroll a bit more time then most important day. Crucial . to control of one’s thoughts, steps, behaviors, etc by making your energy from the ideas. Nevertheless, if you actually do not place your mind to it and you decide that need to do don’t insurance company grow being energetic, and after that you often be only residing a life full of shortcomings. Your unfavorable reflections will defeat the objective of receiving your thoughts in tackle. Declaring I’ll do it later on, is an added negative reflection. This can be in order to procrastination, which ends in slothfulness. Laziness results in weak muscle tissue and joints, which progressively builds well over medical complications.

So, main point here. Al Gore better check his own carbon “bigfootprint” before he expects me to take up his preaching. I don’t see him bumbling around each morning dark on his supersonic jumbo jet, trying to seek a corkscrew.